M.A BALLET Volunteer Team (“MVT”) welcomes people from all backgrounds, who has a strong interest and are enthusiastic in supporting our school’s programmes & our students’ dance education.

Volunteers will be provided with the necessary information, training & tools to carry out their volunteering work effectively. We will match the type of volunteering opportunities to your strengths & skills, so that you will have a fulfilling & rewarding experience.

 Whether you can contribute a few hours or commit to a longer time-frame, there are ample opportunities for you to help out. No prior experience is required for most of the assignments. Besides, there will be other existing volunteers who are always eager to share their knowledge and experience with you. 



  • Photography

  • Translator (French, Russian, Japanese, and so on)

  • Costume making

  • Education and Community Initiatives

  • Recital

  • Special Events

If you are interested in volunteering, please submit the form below and indicate the area(s) that you are interested in. 

Thank you very much!