Dance's ability to set our creativity free has applications far beyond the stage, infusing us with the zest and savour of life. And ballet, as one of the most elegant forms of dance, isn't just grace and refinement, but also liveliness and excitement, energy and expression.

At M.A. BALLET, we believe in the joy and energy of dance, and in sharing it with people of all ages through our lessons in classical ballet. Our ballet classes are aimed at a comprehensive range of needs and abilities, ranging from pre-ballet classes for three year olds to advanced courses for those preparing for overseas training, as well as one-to-one bespoke classes and introductory ballet for adults. 

Regardless of the level of the course, we believe in working with our students in a nurturing, supportive environment, while also keeping with the spirit of competitive excellence found in the dance industry. Our approach is personalised to match the goals and objectives of our ballet and modern dance students, such that students can learn at their own pace.

Based on our belief in offering our students the space in which to learn, explore, and experiment, we focus on individual areas for development, allowing each student to reach their fullest potential – and with our spacious, fully-equipped dance studio, it's not just a figure of speech, but also one which helps our students' choreography translate well to the stage.

We know that ballet isn't easy, but we don't believe that should discourage anyone. Even the very best dancers had to learn to walk before they could learn to dance, and everyone's slipped up along the way. So don't worry about making mistakes – we'll work with you every step of the way, to help you reach that great feeling when you learn something new, or achieve your own goals. Ultimately, we hope to inspire a life-long love for learning; as Jane Hackett put it, “dancers never stop learning. There is always something new to practice.”