I love ballet because I enjoy dancing with music! Especially when I gallop with my friends and teacher, I feel excited!
— Katie Bovaird

I love ballet! I like my teacher because she teaches us a lot of things. My favorite exercises are port de bras and sautes!
— Yuriko Shobayashi

I started learning ballet with Ms Mayu at school and got very interested. I am so excited, learning so many things, new steps, making friends, love dancing with my friends. Also I like to challenge myself through new steps.
— Emma Sung

I like ballet a lot! I like my teacher because she is very kind and teaches me a lot of new steps. I love dancing with all my friends and teacher! Also I love my ballet uniform because it is beautiful!
— Rachel Szetoh

I love ballet because I enjoy the music, singing with the ballet movements and dancing with all my friends! I get to learn a lot of dance positions and steps. I am more flexible and I can do a split now!!
— Sofia Baj

As a kid, I dreamt of becoming a ballerina, nothing fascinated me more than the beautiful girls dancing around in their ballet skirts. Now as an adult, Ballet is about pure enjoyment, just something to look forward to amidst the busy schedules in life. It is inspiring to attend Ms Mayu’s ballet class as she is the epitome of that professional ballerina that I dreamt of becoming as a kid. When she demonstrates the moves in class, she is so gentle and graceful. Yet, she can be funny and engaging with her students at the same time. It is a joy to attend her class as she pays attention to every student no matter how big the class size is. She customizes her instructions to each student according her own progress, and varies the difficulty level of the exercises in class so that nobody would feel left out.
— Joanna Li

While looking on famous social media site, for an extra activity that will challenge myself and keep me physically fit, I came across M.A BALLET and excitedly joined. I have been enjoying M.A BALLET so much especially when I learned new things (steps and terms), which helps me gain my confidence, meet new friends and it also keeps me physically and emotionally fit. The teachers are very approachable and well experienced.
After working 5 days a week with long hours, leaves me feel exhausted, that’s why I look forward every week to class because dancing for me is my stress reliever
— Pineda, Jezelle Joy D.

I first started training with Ms Mayu 2 years ago and after our first class I was completely in awe of her and loved how she taught me. Ms Mayu has always believed in me and has never stopped encouraging and supporting me. During the 2 years that I have been auditioning she has mentored me, even when I was on the otherside of the world. She has taught me intensively during this process and has tailored each class to what I need. Ms Mayu focuses on all the details in our classes and always pushes me to do more and be better. Her encouragement and support has helped me immensely, and I always feel stronger and see improvements when I train with her. Thank you for everything Ms Mayu, I’m so grateful!
— Zoe Jumabhoy