Things you need:

  • Water spray bottle

  • Hair Gel

  • Hair brush

  • 8 U-shaped hairpins

  • Rubber band

  • Hair Net

  • Hair Spray

classic bun.jpg



  1. Lightly spray hair with water.

  2. Smoothen gel on hair.

  3. Brush through hair.

  4. Tie a pony tail with a strong rubber band. (above the ear level)

  5. Gently twist the hair and wrap clockwise in a flat cinnamon roll shape then secure with hairpins - see below.

  6. Take one side of the hairpin and secure a small section of the bun at the very top. 

  7. Once you reached the head, twist the hairpin and push down behind the rubber band.

  8. Repeat the pinning techniques on all 4 corners of the bun. (North, South, East, West)

    Note: The wrong way to insert the hairpin is straight down into the bun. This does not hold the bun during turns and jumps. To create a solid strong bun, you must make sure that the hairpin grabs 2 different directions of hair to keep the bun from loosening.

  9. Apply your hair net.

  10. Take 4 more pins and secure the corners of the bun in the same manner. (Northeast, Southeast, Northwest, Southwest) to tighten the bun.

  11. Use hair spray for extra support.