AGE 7-8

Thursday, 5:15pm-6:30pm

Building on the foundational skills acquired during the Level 1 programme, M.A. Ballet's Level 2 programme introduces the students, aged seven to nine, to a wider range of techniques and movements. At this stage, we focus more on footwork, extension and the placement of body posture, as well as strength-building exercises. As a student's ability to concentrate is key to maintaining posture and movement, our programme also teaches students concentration skills. 

Based on the technical and concentration skills acquired at this level, our students will learn the slow, smooth movements which are necessary for adage, a succession of graceful movements, whether simple or complex, to be performed with ease and fluidity. In addition to adage, students will also progress from little jumps and traveling steps, to combined steps and larger jumps which fully utilise the space of the studio.

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