Trial Lesson

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We are happy to welcome you for a Trial lesson.

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   Details of the Trial lesson are as follows:

  • Please complete the Trial lesson form above. We will email our confirmation to you upon receipt of your Trial lesson registration.

  • Attire: For female students - Leotards, skirts, pink tights and ballet shoes; If not, T-shirts, leggings or pants with socks are also acceptable. For male students - White T-shirt, black leggings or shorts, white socks and white/black ballet shoes.

  • Hair: Ballet bun.

For students from Pre-Ballet to Ballet Level4:  We would like to welcome the parent/ guardian of the trial student into our dance studio during the last 10 - 15 mins of our class to observe the lesson. Kindly wait outside the studio until then.

For Adult students:  The Adult ballet class is for Beginners - Intermediate level. We encourage Beginners to come in 10mins earlier so that our instructor can introduce you to the basic positions and movements before the class starts.







If you wish to sign up after your trial lesson, please complete the Registration form:

Click PDF  and email to