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Age 3-5  / Thursday,  4:15pm-5:00pm

Specially crafted for children from three to five years of age, M.A. Ballet's Pre-Ballet programme is centred on the fundamentals of ballet, with a particular emphasis on co-ordination, as well as spatial awareness. To encourage a sense of rhythm and musicality, classical and instrumental music is used during the course.

At M.A. Ballet, we believe that children are naturally creative, capable of communicating their thoughts and feelings in many ways. In addition to teaching the basics of ballet, our Pre-Ballet programme also aims to cultivate the students' natural creativity through fun movements and dancing with their friends, so as to help them discover how to express their personalities through dance. 

Ballet Level 1

Age 5-7  / Thursday,  5:15pm-6:15pm

Focusing on the foundations of classical ballet, M.A. Ballet's Level 1 programme teaches students aged five to seven essential skills such as basic positions and developing good control over one's steps. Students will also be trained in the musicality of ballet – to understand the relationship between music and dance. 

M.A. Ballet's Level 1 programme also focuses on exercises to build physical flexibility and stretching ability. As part of our focus on developing our students' physical abilities, students will also be introduced to barre training, in which slow bends and stretches – with feet kept close to the ground – are used to gradually expand the range, strength, and precision of our students' movements.

Ballet Level2 

Age 7-9 / Monday & Thursday, 5.15pm-6.30pm (Compulsory : 2 lessons a week)

Building on the foundational skills acquired during the Level 1 programme, M.A. Ballet's Level 2 programme introduces the students, aged seven to nine, to a wider range of techniques and movements. At this stage, we focus more on footwork, extension and the placement of body posture, as well as strength-building exercises. As a student's ability to concentrate is key to maintaining posture and movement, our programme also teaches students concentration skills.  Based on the technical and concentration skills acquired at this level, our students will learn the slow, smooth movements which are necessary for adage, a succession of graceful movements, whether simple or complex, to be performed with ease and fluidity. In addition to adage, students will also progress from little jumps and traveling steps, to combined steps and larger jumps which fully utilise the space of the studio.


Ballet Level3

Age 9-12 / Tue & Fri 5:30pm-7:00pm (Compulsory : 2 lessons a week)

Specifically tailored to aged 9-12, M.A. Ballet's Level 3 programme introduces increasingly demanding techniques. As the skills to be acquired at this level require greater strength and flexibility, the programme's core rests on the training and development of core strength, stamina, concentration, flexibility, and posture. At this stage, we will give particular focus on expressions while dancing, the better to enhance the elegance and quality of their movements. Students will learn how to respond to music via their movements, while also learning certain ballet repertoires. Combined with the physical conditioning and technical training learned at this level, we believe that our students will be very confident in their musicality and dancing ability by the end of this course. 

Adult Ballet

Fri 10:00am-11:15am (Beg - Inter level)

Sat 11:00am-12:15pm (Intermediate level) & 12:30pm-1:30pm   (Beginner level)

Our adult ballet course is an introduction to ballet for adults – no previous ballet experience required! In short, the course focuses on simple, fundamental ballet exercises, as well as ballet barre and centre work. To help perform these exercises, the course also covers physical conditioning, with an emphasis on body alignment, basic stretching, and stamina-building exercises. Through these basic techniques and exercises, students will explore the dynamics between music and movement, and work their way towards accomplishing simplified dance moves adapted from well-known ballet repertoires.

Beginner - Pointe Class 

This workshop is for Adult ballet students who wish to learn to dance en pointe. Our instructor has customised this class specially for beginner pointe students.

Age: 15 years old & above / Mon (Every 2nd & 4th Mon of the month), 7:30pm-8:30pm

Interested participants are encouraged to come to our regular weekly Adult Ballet Class for our instructor to assess if you are ready for the pointe class. 

Private Lesson

M.A BALLET offers bespoke courses for students above five years of age. Based on the student's own skills, this course is fully personalised, and tuned precisely to develop their abilities. M.A. Ballet's private lessons are all conducted on a one-to-one basis, and will focus on specific areas of improvement based on the student's needs. As these courses are individually tailored, a flexible schedule is available.

Step 1: Student to complete the online Private Lesson Application Form. Student shall provide a minimum of 3 preferred dates/ times / lesson duration for the private lesson.

Step 2: We will revert via email on the confirmed date & time after checking our instructors’ schedules.

Step 3: Thereafter, the student shall contact DOU directly to book the dance studio for the agreed date & timeof the private lesson, and pay the studio rental fees directly to DOU. Do mention that the studio booking is meant for Private Lesson under M.A BALLET.

Step 4: Student shall inform us of the studio that has been booked for the private lesson.

Studio Booking by Private lesson students
Please contact Dance On Us directly to book a dance studio. 
DOU’s contact details are as follows: 
Tel: 6737 4466 / 9660 0093 (Available on Whatsapp)/ Email: Website: