M.A BALLET is an international ballet school which aims to create a multi-cultural global community and our enrolment is open to students of all nationalities.

We believe in the joy and energy of dance, and in sharing it with people of all ages.


Dance's ability to set our creativity free has applications far beyond the stage, infusing us with the zest and savour of life. And ballet, as one of the most elegant forms of dance, isn't just grace and refinement, but also liveliness and excitement, energy and expression.

At M.A. BALLET, we believe in the joy and energy of dance, and in sharing it with people of all ages through our lessons in classical ballet. Our ballet classes are aimed at a comprehensive range of needs and abilities, ranging from pre-ballet classes for three year olds to advanced courses for those preparing for overseas training, as well as one-to-one bespoke classes and introductory ballet for adults. 

Regardless of the level of the course, we believe in working with our students in a nurturing, supportive environment, while also keeping with the spirit of competitive excellence found in the dance industry. Our approach is personalised to match the goals and objectives of our ballet and modern dance students, such that students can learn at their own pace. Based on our belief in offering our students the space in which to learn, explore, and experiment, we focus on individual areas for development, allowing each student to reach their fullest potential – and with our spacious, fully-equipped dance studio, it's not just a figure of speech, but also one which helps our students' choreography translate well to the stage.


We know that ballet isn't easy, but we don't believe that should discourage anyone. Even the very best dancers had to learn to walk before they could learn to dance, and everyone's slipped up along the way. So don't worry about making mistakes – we'll work with you every step of the way, to help you reach that great feeling when you learn something new, or achieve your own goals. Ultimately, we hope to inspire a life-long love for learning; as Jane Hackett put it, “dancers never stop learning. There is always something new to practice.”


Mayu Miranda Watanabe     (Founder / Principal Instructor)

Mayu Miranda Watanabe     (Founder / Principal Instructor)

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Mayu Miranda Watanabe’s passion for dance began in her childhood, and has continued ever since. At 16, she would win her first major accolade, 2nd place at the Hokkaido Ballet Competition in 2001. From this bright start, she went on to train at the world-renowned Central School of Ballet in London, during which she won both the Choreographic and Central Trust Awards in 2006. While at school, she also ballets like Marius Pepita’s Le Corsaire, and also participated in the Ballet Central tour at 25 venues across the United Kingdom. In 2007, she received her BA(Hons) Degree & Diploma in Professional Dance and Performance, with first class honours.
Following her graduation, she has become a fixture in Singapore’s dance community, dancing with The Arts Fission Company (2009 - 2013), as well as teaching Classical Ballet and Contemporary Dance at SOTA and LASALLE. Most recently, she choreographed for LASALLE's Dance graduation showcase “Constant Flux” in April 2016. In 2014, Mayu founded her own school of dance, M.A. Ballet, where she teaches classical ballet as the school’s Principal Instructor.

Naomi Tan/ Instructor

Naomi Tan/ Instructor

Naomi is a teacher of Classical Ballet, having taught since 2011. She was trained at the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts (NAFA), where she earned a Diploma in Dance. While still a student at NAFA, her skill and dedication were recognised in a number of awards, such as the Ngee Ann Kongsi Merit Award, the NAFA Scholarship, and the Georgette Chen Arts Scholarship. Upon graduation, Naomi danced full-time for The Arts Fission Company, one of Singapore’s most established contemporary dance companies. Over the course of her career in dance, she has had the privilege of working with renowned choreographers such as Lim Fei Shen, Peter Chin, Wallie Wolfguber, Pichet Klunchun, and Angela Liong. Her international exposure also extends to performing in festivals in Hong Kong and Taiwan. She enjoys working with children and contributing to their growth and character development. She believes that Ballet training has much to offer children of all ages. Not only does it encourage a good posture and builds physical strength, it also develops an eye for beauty and artistry, and most importantly, it builds discipline and character, nurturing children to have strong minds and hearts. 

Jessie Ang/ Administrator

Jessie Ang/ Administrator




4:30pm-5:30pm Ballet Level 1 (age5-7)

5:30pm-6:45pm Ballet Level 2 (age7-10) 



4:15pm-5:00pm Pre-Ballet (age3-5)  

5:15pm-6:15pm Ballet Level 1 (age5-7)

5:15pm-6:30pm Ballet Level2 (age 7-10)



10:00am-11:00am Adult Ballet (Beginners-Intermediate) 



11:00am-12:00pm Adult Ballet (Beginners-Intermediate) 

Available for Private Lesson (Contact us for more details)

Pre-Ballet (age 3-5) 

4:15pm-5:00pm (Thursdays)

Specially crafted for children from three to five years of age, M.A. Ballet's Pre-Ballet programme is centred on the fundamentals of ballet, with a particular emphasis on co-ordination, as well as spatial awareness. To encourage a sense of rhythm and musicality, classical and instrumental music is used during the course.

At M.A. Ballet, we believe that children are naturally creative, capable of communicating their thoughts and feelings in many ways. In addition to teaching the basics of ballet, our Pre-Ballet programme also aims to cultivate the students' natural creativity through fun movements and dancing with their friends, so as to help them discover how to express their personalities through dance. 


Ballet Level1 (age5-7)

5:15pm-6:15pm (Thursdays)

Focusing on the foundations of classical ballet, M.A. Ballet's Level 1 programme teaches students aged six to eight essential skills such as basic positions and developing good control over one's steps. Students will also be trained in the musicality of ballet – to understand the relationship between music and dance. 

M.A. Ballet's Level 1 programme also focuses on exercises to build physical flexibility and stretching ability. As part of our focus on developing our students' physical abilities, students will also be introduced to barre training, in which slow bends and stretches – with feet kept close to the ground – are used to gradually expand the range, strength, and precision of our students' movements.


Ballet Level2 (age7-10) 

5:30pm-6:45pm (Tuesday)

5:15pm-6:30pm (Thursday)

Building on the foundational skills acquired during the Level 1 programme, M.A. Ballet's Level 2 programme introduces the students, aged eight to ten, to a wider range of techniques and movements, such as pointe work. At this stage, we focus more on footwork, extension and the placement of body posture, as well as strength-building exercises. As a student's ability to concentrate is key to maintaining posture and movement, our programme also teaches students concentration skills. 

Based on the technical and concentration skills acquired at this level, our students will learn the slow, smooth movements which are necessary for adage, a succession of graceful movements, whether simple or complex, to be performed with ease and fluidity. In addition to adage, students will also progress from little jumps and traveling steps, to combined steps and larger jumps which fully utilise the space of the studio.

Ballet Level 3 (age 11-13)

Specifically tailored to aged 11-14, M.A. Ballet's Level 3 programme introduces increasingly demanding techniques. As the skills to be acquired at this level require greater strength and flexibility, the programme's core rests on the training and development of core strength, stamina, concentration, flexibility, and posture.

At this stage, we will give particular focus on expressions while dancing, the better to enhance the elegance and quality of their movements. Students will learn how to respond to music via their movements, while also learning certain ballet repertoires. Combined with the physical conditioning and technical training learned at this level, we believe that our students will be very confident in their musicality and dancing ability by the end of this course. 


Ballet Level 4 (age14-16)

As an advanced-level course suitable for students 14 to 16 years of age or older, M.A. Ballet's Level 4 programme is also suitable for pre-professional dancers, or for those wishing to prepare for overseas training. 

At this level of the programme, we provide comprehensive preparation for professional ballet school, as well as training for auditions. Advanced dance drills will be covered in depth, alongside exercises and movements. As a whole, the Level 4 programme's main objective is to fine-tune our students' techniques, and to practice solo variations.


10:00am-11:00am (Friday) & 11:00am-12:00pm (Saturday)

Our adult ballet course is an introduction to ballet for adults – no previous ballet experience required! In short, the course focuses on simple, fundamental ballet exercises, as well as ballet barre and centre work. To help perform these exercises, the course also covers physical conditioning, with an emphasis on body alignment, basic stretching, and stamina-building exercises.

Through these basic techniques and exercises, students will explore the dynamics between music and movement, and work their way towards accomplishing simplified dance moves adapted from well-known ballet repertoires.


Private Lesson

M.A. Ballet offers bespoke courses for students above eight years of age. Based on the student's own skills, this course is fully personalised, and tuned precisely to develop their abilities. M.A. Ballet's bespoke classes are all conducted on a one-to-one basis, and will focus on specific areas of improvement based on the student's needs. As these courses are individually tailored, a flexible schedule is available.


















I love ballet because I enjoy dancing with music! Especially when I gallop with my friends and teacher, I feel excited!
— Katie Bovaird (Pre-Ballet Student)
I like ballet a lot! I like my teacher Ms Naomi because she is very kind and teaches me a lot of new steps. I love dancing with all my friends and teacher! Also I love my ballet uniform because it is beautiful!
— Rachel Szetoh (Ballet Level1 Student)
I love ballet! I like my teacher because she teaches us a lot of things. My favorite exercises are port de bras and sautes!
— Yuriko Shobayashi (Ballet Level1 Student)
I love ballet because I enjoy the music, singing with the ballet movements and dancing with all my friends! I get to learn a lot of dance positions and steps. I am more flexible and I can do a split now!!
— Sofia Baj (Ballet Level2 Student)
I started learning ballet with Ms Mayu at school and got very interested. I am so excited, learning so many things, new steps, making friends, love dancing with my friends. Also I like to challenge myself through new steps.
— Emma Sung (Ballet Level2 Student)
While looking on famous social media site, for an extra activity that will challenge myself and keep me physically fit, I came across M.A BALLET and excitedly joined. 

I have been enjoying M.A BALLET so much especially when I learned new things (steps and terms), which helps me gain my confidence, meet new friends and it also keeps me physically and emotionally fit. The teachers are very approachable and well experienced.
After working 5 days a week with long hours, leaves me feel exhausted, that’s why I look forward every week to class because dancing for me is my stress reliever.
— Pineda, Jezelle Joy D. (Adult Ballet Student)
As a kid, I dreamt of becoming a ballerina, nothing fascinated me more than the beautiful girls dancing around in their ballet skirts.    Now as an adult, Ballet is about pure enjoyment, just something to look forward to amidst the busy schedules in life.

It is inspiring to attend Ms Mayu’s ballet class as she is the epitome of that professional ballerina that I dreamt of becoming as a kid. When she demonstrates the moves in class, she is so gentle and graceful. Yet, she can be funny and engaging with her students at the same time. It is a joy to attend her class as she pays attention to every student no matter how big the class size is. She customizes her instructions to each student according her own progress, and varies the difficulty level of the exercises in class so that nobody would feel left out.
— Joanna Li (Adult Ballet Student)


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